Saturday, July 17, 2010

a birdy baby shower

Remember Taylor? Well, he's about to become a big brother. Mum Nicole is expecting another bub soon :)
And to celebrate with her closest friends, here's the cake for her baby shower.

Taking cues from her baby shower invite, this cake consists of all things babies!! From all the cute little things babies have - onesies, little socks, little beanies, little bibs, little soft toys etc etc etc - to the extra washing you need to do :P

And to top it off, is a family of birds, celebrating the new arrival - again keeping the invite in mind - to keep in line with the theme.

and here's an (almost) birds eye view
a combination of tiers of cupcakes & cake.
A rich combination of dark chocolate mudcake on the top, with a combination of vanilla cupcakes w/vanilla buttercream as well as sinful chocolate cupcakes w/ caramel buttercream.

A sweet treat to welcome the sweet new arrival :)

19.07.2010 - i received a very sweet email from Nicole today. It's always a good to hear back from your clients, and especially to know that you have helped make their day in someway or another :)

Hi Cleony,
I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU for making us such an absolutely amazing baby shower cake - it was without a doubt the hit of my baby shower!

Taylor's Christening cake was amazing, but the baby shower cake was truly impressive! You followed my brief exceptionally well and perfectly captured the theme of the invitation as well as my idea re the baby 'washing line'. The tiny details in the washing line were fantastic - the leaves, pegs, hearts & bows on the clothes.

Everyone at the shower absolutely loved it and I have happily given your details to everyone who attended. Expect some calls soon as many of our friends have kids as well, so lots of potential for birthdays, baby showers, Christenings and family celebrations!

Thank you again,
Nicole :0)


Leen said...

the birdies are very cutee... ;)

Lady T said...

YUM! and very cool! I wish I could make cakes like that. My cooking is very low key.

varunner said...

This has to be the best baby shower cake EVER! So cute!

oni... said...

leen : Nic had this invitation with a birds nest on top.. so i thought why not!! :D
and there will be 4 of them in the family, so again.. why not??!! :D

Lady T : nah.. i'm sure you'll get there.. just takes lotsa practice!!

varunner : not sure about "EVER" but.. i'll take it anyway :P Thank youuuuu!!!!