Sunday, July 4, 2010


Another long overdue post.

This was when the temperature was high, and there was no need to layered up on clothing to be comfortable.
Not exactly the best time of the year to have a fondant covered cake sitting under the sun though i must say.... The eyes never really left the cake throughout the afternoon. Making sure everything is still sitting where it's suppose to be :P

Torsten is 2, the party was held in the park of his town house complex. Everyone had to dressed up and cowboy was the theme for his birthday.

The base was a chocolate mudcake, whilst the teepee was layered buttercake.

hello little indian girl..

and inside the teepee... colourful!!!

now now... as long as you don't have it everyday, it should be alright :)


chocolatesuze said...

i am such a sucker for colourful layers! awesome design!

PatriZa said...

It Looks very appetizing and attractive(Sorry,but i do not speak English,but such vkusnotischa ruled me here)