Sunday, May 3, 2009

angels for taylor

These ones are for Taylor's christening. Brett (Taylor's dad ^_^) emailed me to ask if i was interested (of course...) And after that I started emailing Nicole (Taylor's lovely lovely mum) with the details for what she wanted the cupcakes to be like.

Nicole came up with a few ideas of angels, booties, lots of things related to babies. I showed her pictures of Reuben's birthday cupcake. Did a few trial - and thought maybe an Angel & a few other things with angel's wings might fit the brief.

Nicole replied - the invitation was noah's ark. YAY!!! it fits!!! :P

And so i started making the duckies with angels wings :) Along with an angel & a teddybear to sit on the 'main cake'

So here we are - few photos of the set.

I'm really really pleased with how it turned out :) Dropped it off at their place the evening before the Christening - had the chance to meet Mr Taylor himself , and he is just one delightful baby. :)

Happy Christening Taylor!!!!

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