Friday, July 30, 2010

Ahoy Matey!!

Who would have thought I said yes to 4 cakes in a weekend. Certainly not me. Not at this stage anyway.. but hey it happened... and I'm kinda glad it did. Test me, tried me, challenged me, pushed me. And I'm happy with how they all turned out

So here's the first from last weekend's order

Luke is turning 3. And he insisted for a pirate birthday party. So, mum Kirsten contacted me for a pirate cake.
This cake take a certain kind of discipline (one i'm lacking for most times :P ) from my part for the week. Especially when there are 3 others lined up behind.

Thank you Kirsten for letting me do cake, to trust and give me freedom with the cake, and my apologies for taking so long to come back to you with the initial concepts :(

Parts of the cakes are inspired by others here and there. With a slight tweak here and there, we put them all together to make a cake worthy of Luke's birthday party.

I'm happy with the way the cake look like.
And if only I can show you what the party decorations like, I'm sure you will agree with me that the cake look the way it did, to match the party!! Kirsten did the house up so SPLENDIDLY!!! It made ME want to have a pirate themed party!!! There are pirate hats, gold coins everywhere, individual serving food in buckets for the kids, jungle gym in the backyard, EVERYTHING you think an amazing party should have, it's there in their house.
Luke is one lucky kid!! :)
not to mentioned, Luke is one CUTE kid also!! He had smiles from ear to ear all morning when i was there, enjoying the day, appreciating everything that his parents have got prepared for him.

Hope you had an amazing day Luke!!!! :) and thank you Kirsten for letting me have a part in it :)

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