Friday, July 11, 2014


Babies.. adorable little things aren't they? ^_^

We've been doing quite a bit of little things to celebrate these little people..  Yes, true that most of them can't actually have the sweets just yet, but who says we can't have sweets in celebrating them, right?

First, let me start by showing what we did for our Little Miss when she came around to stay with us ;).

In our culture, we celebrated a baby's first month by giving out favours - usually some sort of food - to relatives and close friends.  It is also a time for the baby's announcement  (although I would assume most of the receiver already know of the baby's arrival?)

I knew what I wanted to do in terms of packaging her favours, but had problem deciding what I should fill it with.   I ended up doing  a few different types of goodies, so that not all bags are filled with the same items. Here are a couple pictures:

My talented sister in law did the icon for packaging which I print onto iron-on paper and transferred to the handmade pouch (these pouches takes soooooo long to make...  i started when she was still inside the belly and require less attention :P )    The graphic text at the back of the pouch I got off the internet but forgot where I got it from (if you know, please let me know and i'll credit it ) and the announcement card is from origrami

We also did a small cake for her to celebrate at home on the day with the fam bam.  I did the top tier in styrofoam, so we get to keep it as a little memento of her special day.  It's now still sitting on top of our bookcase.

And here are a few other 'baby celebration' goodies that we've done.

That's it for now folks! Have a productive weekend!!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hello? (and a Macaron Bake Up. Yay!!)

I was going to start with "Hey everyone, it's been a while!"  but that would be a massive understatement.

It's been just over a year since my last post (O.M.G).
So many things had happened, but I still remember clearly the day I wrote my last post.  I was actually started to plan and write my next post (which is not this one) - I was going to write about our wedding, before it got too late and stale, because at that time we knew something else was going to happen in the next few months.

Well.. obviously, the wedding story got stale.... even what was suppose to be the next story after that also got a bit stale.... *sigh.

If you happen to follow my Instagram, I'm sure you know what happened.  We had a baby!!.

Well, not quite a baby anymore.

She's not yet one, but she's shown so much character.  Definitely not  a baby anymore.

On the cake front... Yes we are still making cakes - just in case you are all wondering, with the lack of posts here and on facebook.  We are, I have to admit, have been limiting the number of orders that we are taking for obvious reasons - but be sure to know that I am still enjoying creating little things for celebrations very much so :)

Tomorrow (yes, tomorrow, not next year.  I've actually typed it up and scheduled it to go up ^_- ) I'm sharing a few things we've done lately - kiddies things - because funny how things in your life just seem to fall into place at certain time of your life - well, I think so anyway.

In the meantime though, I think a macaron bake up is in order.  It's been a while since I did one (seems to be the trend isn't it?)  It has also been a while because I don't want to bombard you guys with macarons every month. ;)

So here are the details for the JULY '14 Macarons Bake Up!!

This time, we are going on a theme of teas and cheesecakes...  Why? Because teas and cheesecakes are lovely things :P

Flavours : 
- Earl Grey
- Cinnamon Chai
- Green Tea
- Thai Milk Tea
- Strawberry Cheesecake
- Lemon Cheesecake
- Oreo Cheesecake
- Mac & Cheese (indo cheesecake)

Price : $25 / dozen

Date & Time :
Order by : 9am, Tuesday, 15th July 2014

Ready by : Friday, 18th July 2014
Pick up from : Kensington

Email me on to put in your order. Have a mixed of all of the flavours, or specify which flavours you like.

Go on, send me an email!!


Monday, July 8, 2013

Labels (and wine?)

How do I do this again?

It's been 17 months since my last post *gasp*...  Whilst I must admit I find myself struggling to motivate myself these days, I know these efforts are more than necessary. Not only for a number of obvious reasons, but most importantly to keep the brain working and to prepare myself for the not to distance future where I may not be the boss of my schedule anymore, no matter how organised I am.

These days I find myself reverting back to my old days where I start and end my days (in bed), with the tablet on my hand, browsing over various design blogs.  Things that excite me (but scares me enough to not want to attempt any major d.i.y just in case it turn out less than what it should be) and, I guess, has unconsciously led me to where and who I am today.

I dream of colours these days.  And I know each time a bright happy combination pops up, I am motivated more to be productive and creative. (bla bla bla.. yea yea yea... whatever... I can hear you say)

Anyways.... I have labels and packaging on my sketch book today.


This, and since we visited Dan Murphy's over the weekend to fill our new and empty shelves with some lovely bottles I want to hug forever (despite the fact that I can't actually have any of it), I ended up googling wine (labels) today.

I must admit I'm not much of a drinker.  An ability that has exponentially dwindles down with age.  I tend to buy wine based on what the 'guy-over-the-counter' suggested, and/or..... (most importantly) by what the label looks like.

eye catching "bottle wraps" perfect to bring over to dinner 
When the Mr & I moved to our new place, we found ourselves filling the space with neutral coloured furniture.  Now that it's been a couple of months and all of our 'big' items are in place, I find myself growing anxious of all the whites and longed for some colours (sorry honey I never told you this...)  So you'll find most of the pictures here to include colours.  Happy colours.

Lazarus Wine - 2 
The winery produce wine which are grown and cultivated by the blinds.
The braille label is only fitting

Some more pretty pictures to make you drool over, and not to bore you with my blabbing :)
 . dotty . 

some creative packaging
1. Winehouse "Wijnhuis"
2.  Cuatro Almas
3. Crusoe Treasure Wines

And something a little closer to home.

Mollydooker Wines

There are so much amazing labels and packaging out there.  So, go out, find out, and buy some.
If you're only a social drinker like me, appreciate the amazing effort that has gone not only into the wine, but also the graphic, labels and packaging.

And to close off this post.  A little video that brought tears to my eyes as I watched it (I blame the hormones)  -  something something for your house and your (may soon be) little babies of wonderful bottles...


p.s - so my first post back does not have any sweets or cakes involved, but this is part of my random brain works.  You just have to trust me that somehow these images of amazingly wonderful products motivates and inspires me.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

MAC BAKE UP (just a quick one)

Where has the month gone?? And where are the posts???!!!
I know I know...

Everytime I wrote up the bake up on facebook, I remembered that I still haven't written a post. hmmmmm *slap on the hand.

So, just a quick one, it's time for the MAC BAKE UP again, and here are the details :

February flavours are :
- mac & cheese
- blackberry shiraz
- hazelnut & gianduja
- dulce de leche
- tiramisu
- rose & raspberry
- french earl grey
- dark chocolate with sea salt sprinkling

Pre-orders closed on Monday, 27th February - 10am, and these babies will be ready on Wednesday 29th February from Pyrmont - just let me know what time you want to pick them up ;)

The macs are $25/dozen.. and are chanting "eat me.... eat me.... eat me......"

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Chinese New Year & first Macarons Bake Up for 2012!!!

(side note : woo hoo to figuring out how to get my pictures to fill the width of the screen... :P)

Happy New Year everyone!!! \(^_^)/

Feels like Christmas and New Year was just yesterday, but hey, Chinese New Year is just around the corner!!

It's again, a time for the big family to come together and celebrate the year that was and the year that will.
2o12 is an extremely BIG year, it's the year of the GOLDEN DRAGON!! It is considered a very lucky year, in the sixty year cycle.

A chat with 'E' the other day revealed that a lot of times, oranges (yes, the fruit) are often brought over as gifts during Chinese New Year visits, the way one would bring a bottle of wine to a dinner party.

I know fruits are good for you, but I thought, why not bring some sweets instead? :P
Everyone needs something sweet to start the year right? So that the next 12 months will be 'sweet' for you.

This year's cupcakes themed around the word 'Gong Xi Fa Cai' (congratulations and be prosperous) , along with the hand motion that we do when we visit our elders, wishing them congratulations for the new year. :)
Thus the gold ingots as a reference back to the congratulatory saying.

Chinese New Year is a 15 day celebration, and on the 15th day, is the lantern festival. I still remember, once upon a time, I used to get to pick what lantern I wanted for this day, a long with my many cousins.

And of course you can't miss the Dragon right? This being the Golden Dragon year and all?

This set of 6 cupcakes is $45,- and they are perfect to have at home when you have visitors, or to bring along when you're doing your 'rounds' :)

Flavours included :
- Red velvet w/ vanilla cream cheese frosting (it's chinese new year after all, RED!!)
- Moist chocolate mudcake w/ dark chocolate & orange cardamom ganache (so it's not totally 'orange'less)

Now, if you're thinking, "but cupcakes aren't really my thing", I thought I'd shake up the kitchen a little this month (read : give myself a little more headache and challenge in the name of celebration). I thought I'd run the first Macaron Bake Up of 2012 at the same time. ;)

I am about to introduce the new i eat sweet pricelist for 2012, but for the meantime, they are staying at $22 per dozen.
As per usual, you can have a mix of everything or you can email me with what particular flavours you want in your pack.

And this month, the flavours are :
1. chestnut
2. sydney breakfast (feat. T2 tea)
3. dark chocolate orange & cardamom
4. mac & cheese
5. kaya toast
6. milo dinosaur
7. taro
8. white chocolate chai

So, get in quick! Email me with your orders :) I'll be waiting :) :)

Hoping to get all your emails by 10am on Monday 15th of January 2012. From which I will lock myself in the kitchen and get your goodies ready for Friday 20th of January 2012

There's a new email address : - however if you accidently sent it to the old one, not to worry, it's still active too.

Very excited for the new year!! A lot of things happening this year, and I am (telling myself that I am) ready for them!! :)

And, just in case I don't see you before the 23rd of January, "Gong Xi Gong Xi," may the Golden Dragon brings you prosperity to all of you this year.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

closing 2011

Only 2 more days in 2011!!
I still wonder how this year have zipped pass us just like that.

I know I have been M.I.A for the past few months (sorryyyyy!!) but there were things baking in the i eat sweet kitchen and I promise I will share them with you soon!

I just want to say a massive THANK YOU to all of you who has been very supportive throughout all these years. Your support have meant so much to me. It kept me going at times when the light at the end of the tunnel is almost non existent, at times when all I felt like doing is drop everything, slap the cake off the table and go to bed (and not have to deal with it anymore).

So far, it has never happened. :)

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday. Hope you're all taking some sort of time off to spend with people you love, doing things you love. I know I have.

I am very looking forward to 2012. For new ideas, new opportunities and new adventures! And I hope you will all share them with me.

Once again, THANK YOU for EVERYTHING!!


{photo courtesy of lovemyfoodsandsugar}

Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Macaron Bake Up!! *updated



Baking's all done. The macs are packed and ready to go to their new home. So if you've put in an order, time to come over and pick them up :)

A new inclusion in this month's bake up is the Chocolate Marshmallow Macarons.
The shells have a slight tinge of cocoa, and are then filled with homemade chocolate marshmallow with a chocolate ganache centre

I personally like them because they are chewy!! It's a different texture to what you would normally get with your macarons.

And lastly, I would like to thank you to all of you who has supported me and put in orders, month after month. The macaron bake up is quickly becoming one of my favourite time of the month!

See you on the next bake up, and once again, THANK YOU!!!!!



The time has gone so quick!! It's September Macarons Bake Up time again!

This month's flavours :
1. hazelnut macaron with nutella
2. raspberry white chocolate
3. chocolate marshmallow
4. blood orange
5. mac & cheese
6. klepon
7. dark chocolate chambord with raspberry jam centre
8. tiramisu

Let me know if you want a pack or two by 9am Wednesday 14th September
Pick up will be : Friday 16th September 2011

Price remains the same @ $22/dozen


Sunday, August 14, 2011

RSPCA Cupcake Day 2011

Tomorrow, Monday 15th August 2011 is the annual RSPCA cupcake day.
For the past 3 years I've been doing some cupcakes for them via my sister who goes to Sydney Uni.

This is year is no different.

Sydney Uni Animal Welfare Society is selling cupcakes to raise money for this event.
(more info on their facebook 'event' page . )

And this year, these are the cupcakes I'm sending over to join the other cupcakes to find a new home/ tummy.

pockpock 'chickin' & max 'da dog'

mifty 'the kitty' & chike dee dee 'the chick'

'chike dee dee' & 'max the dog' are yummy peanut butter cupcakes whilst 'pock pock chickin' &
'mifty the kitty' are the very scrumptious nutella cupcakes. They are petite, adorable, and hard not to like (yes... i maybe a little biased). But most importantly, they are for a VERY GOOD cause.

So please adopt (buy/eat) them and help the uni raise some money for the RSPCA and all the good works they are doing.

And if you go to Sydney Uni, then you have NO EXCUSE not to help the cause. Here's the a link to event again just in case ;)

all packed and ready to meet their adopter tomorrow

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I Love Wednesdays

I met Len from I Love Wednesdays @ Kristin and Steven's wedding a couple of weeks back. Such a sweet and talented person. We talked a little bit before the dinner started and I immediately loved her personality as well as her catchy business name :)

She kindly sent me a few photos from the day (Thank YOU!!!! xxx) and I cannot, not share it with you.

And what better day to share it with you than.. Wednesday...

So go on, visit her website - I Love Wednesdays.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Snow Season

I'm not a snow person myself, it's wayyyy too cold for me. But the visions of white snow everywhere you look always makes me smile.

This year's snow seem to be one of the best amongst all the snow lovers. Throw in a blizzards here and there, the season still proves to be one of the best.

Whilst there's still snow in our mountains, I thought I'd share this cute cupcakes set I did for Kasha a while ago. Her mum contacted me for a ski themed cake. And after a few discussion and sketches we agreed on a figurine, skiing on cupcakes, with little groups of snowman in party hat.
Sweet, simple, appropriate and easy to divied up :)