Monday, July 25, 2011

and the sun decided to come out to play - Kristin & Steven's wedding

So how's everyone's weekend?

For those in Sydney, I hope you're as glad as I am that the rain eased up, and the sun decided to peek and come out for a play.

One couple that definitely did was Kristin & Steven!! It was their wedding day on Saturday!

I have been very blessed to have amazing & supportive friends. And it was a completely pleasure and honour to be able to do their wedding cake.

setting up @ L'aqua , Cockle Bay


my dear bets, who help setup during the day :)

When all the setting is done, we rush back home to get ready, come back and party the night away with the stunning bride. :)

Congrats guys!!!!! Looking forward to seeing many many photos from the night and all the best for the new journey.



chocolatesuze said...

beautiful cake and cupcakes! also i love your tshirt!

Len said...

The cake on Saturday was seriously stunning, I've got some gorgeous photos of it I'll have to send you! Also... I totally want your t-shirt!

oni... said...

ah thanks guys!! the tshirt was from graniph @ the galleries of victoria. Been a while though.. but who knows, they might still have it :)

Len... photos? really? yayyyy!!! would love it! Will put it up on the blog if that's okay?