Monday, May 9, 2011

Finding Nemo cake & cupcakes

When one think of cartoon or animation, Disney would definitely comes to mind. When one say "colourful", I definitely think about Finding Nemo - featuring OZ's very own Great Barrier Reef.

The beginning scene, with the anemone always comes to my mind when I thought of Nemo. So it's the first thing that came to mind when sketching this cake. "How" will I get it to stand up? First I thought of foams - inedible of course - but after some consideration, decides to stick with fondant and skewers.

Sides... Reef scenes are always good inspirations :) *gave me an excuse to pull out the DVD as well in the name of research :P

reef scenes along the side

And what's Nemo without his friends (and dad)... This time, we are doing standard sized cupcakes with 3D figures on top, ala Planet Cake :)

Marlin & Dory

Peach the Starfish & Bloat the Pufferfish

Blossom & Squirt (don't tell the others, but I like squirt the best.. hee hee hee)

And altogether now..

and here's another look at Squirt.. just because... :P


Irene said...

Love it love it :) So cute!

oni... said...

wow that was quick Irene!! :) only just post it up :P
Thank you though ... always surprise me how happy it makes me feel when people is happy with the work i did

Sara (Belly Rumbles) said...

Simply stunning, gorgeous work.

Vera said...

I know rightttt! *heart* Squirt. I kidnapped Squirt as soon as the candles were blown :D
Rachel gobbled up Nemo in one go. :d

oni... said...

Sara - aww thankssss :D :D :D

Vera - that's right dude - Squirt's the best!!!! <3 <3
Wow!! She ate all of Nemo? that's a lot of sugar there!!! :P hope she's not jumpy afterwards :)

Two fit and fun gals said...

they look amazing!

Lili said...

I think you can make all the sweetest things anyone can imagine, you are so good ,,,,,hopefully someday got a chance to have one of those cakes

Felix said...

my family likes cakes,
even my Grand paa and grand maa..
thanx for these awsum receipes....
i'll definately try out all these receipe ... they looks amazing..
Simply stunning, gorgeous work.