Saturday, March 19, 2011

celebrating Luke's 2nd birthday

This is George. Today, along with him and his friends, we are going to celebrate Luke's 2nd Birthday.

Everyone is here, Mummy Pig, Peppa, Daddy Pig and of course George oh and look!!! a big birthday cake with 2 candles

oh, let's not forget Mr Dinosaur.

Madame Gazelle came to the party, as well as Zoe Zebra

Suzy Sheep came with Mrs Pig, whilst Danny Dog came with a handful of presents!!

Rebecca Rabbit came together with Mrs Cat & Candy Cat.
And look who's right behind them!!
Pedro Pony!! With Mrs Pony in tow.

Look at Luke's presents!!

And more...

And more presents!!!!

"Happy Birthday Luke!" everyone said

"it's now time to blow out the candles" Daddy Pig said.
"don't forget to make a wish!" said Peppa


MissPiggy said...

What an amazing cake!

Melissa@Melthefoodaddict said...

so adorable!

eatmarvin said...

I love how you made Mr Dinosaur look so fluffy and real. Great work! I wish I had a cake like that when I turned 2. :)

Julia said...

I love it!