Monday, March 7, 2011

Alice, Dorothy, Marie & Jack

"Who?" you might say...

This was one of the biggest challenges I've had so far. When Le contacted me if I could make a cake for her birthday celebration, never in my wildest dream did I imagine this is what would come my way.

Le sent details and images of what she had in mind.. and my jaw literally dropped.
She's having a costume party in one of the clubs in town, and the cake was to be a combination of her 4 favourite movies.

Luckily, Le was kind to me :) She wanted this as a dummy cake - and she gets to keep it after :)

Anyway, let me introduce you to Alice, Dorothy, Marie & Jack.


Meet Alice. She fell down the rabbit hole. Why so curious Alice?

So, the top tier is Alice in Wonderland.

It's worked around the mad hatter's top hat. Alice sits on top of the hat, while the white rabbit is perch on the rim (ready to dash any minute).
And you can't not have a cup of steaming tea and the pocket watch for Alice in Wonderland. ~you don't want to be late for tea!! omg , i'm remembering my disneyland visit....

Cake works 360 degree, yes you have a "front", but you can't just have the back blank right?
So, for the back, the Queen of Heart / Red Queen's card soldiers are lined up :) They work nicely in the scheme. They are guarding, and not letting Alice out, like what the Queen wants.

OK, so now let's meet

Unlike Alice, she was blown off by a cyclone. Next thing she knows, she's not in Kansas anymore.

In the land of Oz, she made some friends. the Scarecrow, the Cowardly Lion and the Tin Man

The Emerald City, Yellow brick road and the journey completes the theme.

Now, let's meet

We didn't do "Marie" the way we do Alice & Dorothy. This tier is merely a representations of Marie, ...Marie Antoinette.

Inspired by the 2006 movie "Marie Antoinette" by Sofia Copolla, we took bits and pieces to represent her. The opulence, wealth, the fashion and the food of her high teas!!!

and last but not least,

Pirates of the Caribbean
This was the hardest by far I think.

I love this movie as well, but it's "dark" nature and amazingly difficult and crazy details in the movie makes it so hard to represent.

So we went back to basic and represent what represents a pirate - his boat, the rough sea, treasures, creatures of the deep (Davy Jones), as well as the pirate skull

Now you've seen the "parts" , and these is what they look like as one

I might be biased, but I'm quite proud of this cake and was slightly sad that I had to give it up :P

Hope you guys enjoyed this post, and Le, I hope you love this as much as I do :)


chocolatesuze said...

oh my freaking gawd! that is amazing! the detail! esp love the lil pile of macarons! and the rainbow! eeee im dying at cuteness overload!

Sneh | Cook Republic said...

OMG! I have been following pictures of your cake right from the sketching phase and have been getting so excited to see it finished. This is absolutely stunningly the most spectacular cake I have ever seen! Wow! Awesome job :-)

MelbaToast said...

Jeez - that is one TOTALLY AMAZING FREAKING cake! Congrats. You're so talented that my jaw literally dropped open when I read this post.

le said...

It is truly amazing and beautiful! =0)

KayB said...

Oh good lord that is frickin brilliant! Great idea going with a dummy cake, no way in hell I'd be cutting up and eating something as beautiful as this!

Lia Coenraad said...

She is such a Brilliant cake artist...