Friday, March 25, 2011

Baby Tristan's 1 month celebration pack

It is customary in our culture to celebrate a baby's first month.
Food (why not... right?) are always a good one to send out - as it will almost always go down well with the recipients. Cakes & other sweets are quite popular fillings for these packs.

The newest addition to our extensive family is Tristan Morgan Henjoto. He turned 1 month young just yesterday.

We prepared a few packs for the family to send out to their closest friends and relatives. It is similar to a baby's announcement I guess :)

Baby Tristan's pack ; a dozen of macs, including:
klepon, rose, black sesame, greentea, mac&cheese and black sesame

This was one of those fun projects to do, because I'm not always in the kitchen preparing the final product (^_-). There were trips to 'non-food' shops to scour for items.

I have had a fascination with paper pompoms ever since attending the short class by Phoebe Gazal @ last year's 30 days of home and entertaining - and thought it will go well for this occasion (okay... so i've used lots of pompoms... everytime i can..)

Happy 1 Month Tristan!!! Grow up fast... and we can play "catch me" and eat sugar flowers together with your big brother P :)



chocolatesuze said...

teehee i love the pompoms!

oni... said...

@suze: cute aren't they :P (bias... Bias...)
They thought us to do the big ones last year, ones you can hang from your ceiling on events and stuff. So pretty!!