Sunday, March 6, 2011

Black, White & Red macaron tower

another short one. I promise the next one will be long.

This is from yesterday's wedding in Point Piper.

congratulations to Ken & Tanyth :)


Bene said...

Hi Oni..
Your macarons are so stunning. boleh nanya itu macaronnya pake italian meringue atau french meringue? and how do you make the tower? Di Indo sini susah ya klo kena panas takut leleh. thanks :)

oni... said...

Hi Bene,

ini pake french meringue aja.

And towernya - basenya styrofoam, trus macaronsnya di tusuk pake tusuk gigi ke styrofoamnya.

Di indo.... hmmm... mestinya sih ga papa kali yah- if you choose filling yang agak dense kayak chocolate ganache :)

Anonymous said...

Hello :)
Please could u tell me what did u use to make this tower?

oni... said...


there's a cone shaped styrofoam that you can buy - which becomes the base of the tower. The macarons are then stuck onto the foam with tooth picks