Friday, February 18, 2011

Cherry Blossom & the Sleepy Bunny

It seems like I'm continuing on the year of the Rabbit theme, but it 's not really the case.

One of my dear dear friend Betty loves Japan. She's forever returning to Japan for a holiday. Her next holiday would be in April, for the cherry blossom season.

It also happens that she's celebrating her birthday this year at one of the yummiest Japanese restaurant in town, Masuya.

So I thought a little something inspired by Japan would be fitting.

First I wanted to incorporate a couple of bunnies and a crescent moon to the top of the cake, but as the cake come together, I decided to pull it back.

The sleepy bunny slept slightly off centre, and I must say I like it off centre (maybe i'll do more off centre things :P)

The cherry blossom was ivory little flowers, with a dab of cranberry shimmer powder. And again, randomly placed on the branches ... I hope you like it because I sure do (biased? :P)

(I got a little too excited making these little flower cutouts - i still have a whole tray :P - I love how they look on the tray though, all clustered up)

Happy Birthday Betty Boo.... hope this year bring lots of happiness, same as what a trip to Japan gives you .



☺lani☺ said...

Oh I love it!

Marcellina said...

I found your blog while googling for a macaron tower ( of which, yours is brilliant). You have a fantastic blog and do wonderful work!
I'm wanting to make a macaron tower for my niece's birthday in April - any tips?

oni... said...

thanks lani!! and thanks for keep visiting my blog :)

marcellina : macarons tower are definitely fun to do... lots of works though :) tips? just make sure you have enough macarons (unlike me last time) - and that they are quite firm so that the outer shells don't slide off as they are on the tower

lifeis2munch said...

i want my birthday cake to be as pretty as this!