Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Hayden's 1 month

It doesn't feel like that long ago when we got together for Nenny & Winky's baby shower. Their baby boy, Hayden is now just over 1 month old. We got together again at the end of last month to celebrate his 1 month.

A more intimate gathering compared to the shower, means more time to catch up and adore baby Hayden. He's such a good boy - slept throughout his party. hehehe..... There was time we wanted to wake him up so badly so we can he him smile, but he's a baby after all, so we let him sleep :)

It is quite customary for the parents to give out "gifts" in terms of sweets, or cakes in these 1 month celebrations. Nenny ordered some macarons to give out. Nenny, being one very talented graphic designer, found a clear noodle takeaway box to pack them in, and create a custom label for her Hayden.

And as for the cake....

a simple butter cake - inspired by the indonesian lapis surabaya. It combine both vanilla/yellow buttercake with an (indonesian) mocha buttercake, alternated and bounded together with vanilla buttercream.

A variation on the sleeping baby - I put some cloud patterns - as if Hayden is in dreamland.. and what would he dream about?

Things that he's familiar with, and things he would be attached to by this age.... Mum, Dad (who's an amazing photographer btw), toys, milk, milk, milk, .... and milk..

To make it more interesting - I decided to do a checkered pattern on the cake itself. One as taught by one of my aunt back home in Jakarta.

Be a good boy Hayden!!


Irene said...

Nyam, the cake looks so good, Oni! And the macaroons too !!!

oni... said...

wah.. so quick!!! :P

thanks Irene :) :)

Cathy x. said...

wow that's so cool! i love the look of the little toy figurines and the dream bubbles :P does a cake like this take you long to make?

oni... said...

Cathy : a while... a lot of thinking and contemplating what to do next in it too though :P hehehee

but this one's pretty fun to do :)

Kendall said...

Again, wow. Beautiful inside and out (and I imagine that it tastes amazing, too).