Monday, August 30, 2010

a baby shower for N&W

a friend is having a baby boy (how exciting!!!!!) and we had her baby shower last weekend at our backyard.
There was food glorious food all around, from the yummy "nasi tumpeng" from a local restaurant, to the mum-to-be drool inducing soto betawi (Nen i want more pleaseeeee)

And of course.... Sweets!! :D
Monica returned to baking (for those who doesn't know, she claimed that she's retired.. but once in a while, you can coaxed her to the kitchen and bake you some yummy yummy treats)

here's some photos of the sweets :D
- and I really must credit all of the photos to Monica & dad-to-be. As lack of sleep made me forgot to take out the camera :P And I must say that their photos made it look oh-so-much-better :D

baby cupcakes

baby onesies sugar cookies

macarons & monica's cheesecake bar (yummeh!!)

monica's brownies cone - "sleeping" and on display!!

and here's a peek of the inside :P

the sweet spread!! (and mummy-to-be's tummy (^_^) )

and here's the cake.
the cake has a story that goes around the outside. From when baby was still a baby, and as he grows....

a relaxing picnic under a tree when he's just born

and when the sun is out, baby is a few month and goes to the beach

and later on.. when baby knows how to climb a tree :P

thanks to N&W for having a baby shower!! Hope you had fun as much as we do !! :)
Cant wait to see little peanut in a couple of months! :)

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Nenny said...

We had a blast! Thanks for the backyard, the wonderful2 decoration, the super2 cute cake, the sweets and the friendship of coz :D.
PS: peanut cannot wait to see you too