Monday, December 13, 2010

Macaron Tower & the Sydney Food Blogger Xmas Picnic

look who's bum that is..

A few weeks back, I received an invitation in my inbox, for a Sydney Food Blogger Christmas Picnic. After rsvp-ing "yes" to Helen & Chocolatesuze - we get on with day to day stress. The days roll quickly and before you know it, 11th December was here.

I knew I was going to make and bring some macarons - and I had got them ready well for Saturday. However in my usual moment of madness, as I woke up on Saturday morning - after falling asleep on the couch watching ace of cakes the night before - I found myself staring at the cone styrofoam I bought from Essential Ingredients a few days before.

"Why not make macaron tower!!" (no.. not sure why...)

After gathering up all the necessary parts required to put together the macaron tower, I set up to work - determine to make a tight tower. Plenty of macarons right??


As I went up the cone, I realised that we might have a little bit of a "houston, we have a problem" moment.
I do not have enough macarons. NOOO!!!!!!!

*think think think.... what to do....
Turned to see my pile of fondant - and thought... ok.. let's do some figurine (really?? i said to myself... yes... really.... otherwise you have a blank tower.. and what are you going to do about it) And what could be better than a Santa for the occasion :)

Those who work with fondant - will know that red and black fondant are very soft and takes a while to dry. How is the almost-all-red Santa going to be ready in a couple of hours? With lots of prayers :)

So I began forming and moulding the Santa.. the legs comes first and then the body. The head, the hair and the hat follows. Santa slid down the cone slightly - but the layer of macarons holds him up . So, all good :)

A simple foam star finished off the tower nicely.. and here's the finished look. *can breathe again now

An hour later - Monica and I are on our way to Centennial Park.
We parked and walked to the dedicated corner - and come to a conclusion that we may be a bit lost.

Tweeting started - "where are youuus" and reading tweets from fellow bloggers, hoping to get some sort of clue (Monica showed me her blackberry with the photo of the tree where they are... "does this help?" she said.... and I?.. just stared at her... are you kidding me???

meanwhile... I am beginning to lose feeling to my left arm... and getting very very hungry..

Luckily we found them not long after *internal yayy!!

It was quite a sight! Definitely the biggest picnic I have been to. Everyone was standing around what seems to be a giant table - and as we got closer - we saw the "table" were so full of food!!!!! *tummy did a happy dance

I could not stop smiling. Everyone was standing around the food. Everyone had their camera, and no one dare to touch the food yet - A familiar thing I know, but yet I still can't stop smiling. I think it maybe the sheer number of people, with the same thing in mind - photos before eating... :)

There was sooo much food.. sweets, savouries - everything you can think of !!

Then its time to relax and catch up with fellow bloggers
monica & mel

And then it's time for the Food Blogger Olympics!!!!

1. move 50 soy bean from 1 bowl to another using a chopstick (and no hands on the bowl please)

2. blind tasting!!!

3 & 4. are linked - you need to plate up and style whatever leftover food you choose - and the next person is to take a photo and tweet it.. *tweet tweet

and then its KK time next - see the pile of pressies in the middle? you get to choose one... or... STEAL one from someone else. hee hee hee..

thank you to Helen & Chocolatesuze for organising the picnic!!!!!


eatmarvin said...

Hi Cleony! That Macaroon tower is amazing! The Macaroons themselves were very tasty. It was great to meet you on Saturday. Hope to see you again soon. Happy Holidays! :)

oni... said...

Hey Marvin!! :)

it was really really good to meet you too :)
now reading your blog and its goood!!!!

definitely should catch up again when we have the chance. Merry Christmas Marvin!!

KayB said...

Amazing work! And they tasted great! Shame we didn't get a chance to meet, but hope you have a lovely Christmas.

chocolatesuze said...

cleony you rock my world! that macaron tower was amazing and so very delicious! great to finally meet you in person!

Margaret Tran said...

Ahhhhhhh so much love for your amazing macaron tower!! Go you =]

Anonymous said...

oh i loved LOVED the macaroon tower! it was so lovely to meet you!

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

It should have been the centrepiece of our 'table'. Top stuff! I think it was the most gawked at item of the day =p And delicious too. Shame we didn't get to meet but maybe next time =)

Clarissa @ Eat My Shots! said...

Your macaron tower was amazzingg! and you rocked the picnic yo!! x Clarissa

Mel said...

thanks for the lovely photo! and it was really nice to get to know you and monica in person. hope we'll catch up again soon! merry xmas!

Simon @ the heart of food said...

You know, had you not said anything about it, I'd swear that how the macaron tower ended up was always intended to be that way.

Awesome effort, especially considering the hurdles you had to deal with :)

Jacq said...

omg your macaron tower was awesome! I think everyone went kind of silent as you were bringing it over to the "table" lol! nice work :)

oni... said...
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MelbaToast said...

Your macaroon tower was AWE inspiring (and tasty too)...I'm so impressed. I hope you don't mind that I used it in the food blogger Olympics...there was no way anything could be plated better than your tower. Hope we get to chat at the next event. Melanie

Sara @ Belly Rumbles said...

I can't believe that you put that Santa together on the morning of the picnic, you are amazing!!! Macarons were so delicious.

Emma @CakeMIstress said...

Whoa, nice Macaron Tower!! And great baked goods too. I found your site through Chocolate Suze and would love to add you to the Australian Bakers Blog list.
Looking forward to reading more about your creations!

oni... said...

KayB: thanks.. next time there's a gathering we should definitely make sure we say hi :) you like you had so much fun doing the elves topper!!!! they look good tooo!!! :)

chocolatesuze : awwww thankssssss glad i'm rocking you world... want more macs? another big batch next week... :P

margaret : yea.. i'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment

gastronomous : lovely to meet you too... i wish we could chat up more :) and if only i realise you brought the martabak manis.. would have asked you how to make it.... would love to know how

angie : yesss most most definitely next time :)

clarissa:thank youuu

mel: heyyyy it was great meeting you too!! we should definitely get together again with monica - after the new year perhaps?

simon: hee hee hee... drama isnt :) but glad in a way that it happened (now... not when it's happening) - because it wouldnt have the santa and the star.. and bias that i maybe - but i actually like the santa hanging where he is.. :)

jacq : i'm glad you like the macs :) the silence was indeed a bit awkward - daunting really... "why so quiettttt ??? "

melba toast : nah.. of course i don't mind :) i cannot stop giggling when you grab that straight away and came back.

sara: yea.. a bit of "make it work" moment that morning.. but... glad it happened (in a way) i think Santa was meant to be there

cake mistress:thanks for the sweet words :) and the add .. will definitely keep on baking!! (And posting:P )

Anonymous said...

I too loved your macaron christmas tree Cleony! It was absolutely amazing!!