Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Austin the Golden Tiger Baby

Austin Goldwin Wuisan, born in the year of the Tiger, and in particular, the Golden Tiger.

A couple of months ago, he turned 1 month. And 1 month is always a big celebration, with friends and relatives coming over for a get together.

And here's the cake :)

Scenes of tiger cubs playing in the forest is the base of the design. Mum wanted aspects of gold / metal (one of the 5 chinese elements) to be included. So we 'hide' treasure chests and mounts of gold in the forest's corners.

Like the baby shower cake - this is a "story cake"; elements links in from one scene to another. However, the scenes in this cake aren't as distinct and separated as the previous cake. But the idea is the same.

tiger cubs & forest scene

a cave to rest & "come here little birds..."

and of course - cupcakes underneath with the little birds from the cake

and yes, i love my pompoms

Dear Austin, grow up and be a good boy to your parents :)


Tience said...

Dear Cleony,

Thank u so much for the cake....

We - and the guests, and yes.. the friends who staring it at my photos - extremely love the cake!

The design, the creature, and the cake.. are perfect.

Looking forward for Austin's 1st year celebration :D

Jonathan,Tience & Austin

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

This is the most genius cake I have seen.

oni... said...

@ Tience : your definitely most welcome :) Look forward to making more cakes for Austin and your family :) :)

@ Ja : aww thanks..... im sure there are still heaps to try and learn :)