Monday, November 1, 2010

Sora's Pink Yoshi birthday cake

I've known Rose for about 10 years now. Still can't believe she's got 2 growing kids already :P

Sora is her 2nd - and she turned 4, this week. Their house is full of Mario toys. Older brother Laurie got a Yoshi cake for his birthday earlier this year. So now that it's Sora's birthday - she got one too!! :)

Not just any Yoshi cake though ... Sora loves her Pink Yoshi, carrying her anywhere and everywhere.

So, just for Sora... here's Pink Yoshi!! :)


Roselyn Sutantio blog said...

where did you get the cake from?

oni... said...

Hi Roselyn,

we make the cake ourselves here :)

i eat sweet

Anonymous said...

My son wants this cake for his 6th birthday!!!!