Sunday, October 31, 2010

Wedding cake & cookies for Vera & Vincent

Vera text-ed me ages ago (can't remember when anymore)... All i know, it is marked in the diary :)
She's organising her wedding for October 23rd.

We met up a couple of months ago, to brainstorm and come up with a final design for them. Vera & Vincent are sooo easy to work with, full with ideas, open to suggestions - one couple you do not want to disappoint :)
We come up with detailed ideas for the cupcake tier design, as well as design for the sugar cookies that will become their bonbonaire

The date draw closer, and there's a 3 day conference during the same week **cries!!!!

What do you do?.....
(Try to) be organised - and stay up all night ... that's what... When you've said you'll do it.. you do it!! Bought some Coke to help me last through the night... :P

So... here are some photos

individual cookies for the guests

they are individually named - and will be both bonbonaire & seating card

i love how they all lined up on my table :) *note to self : be super careful with spelling!!

named, stuck on the backing, packaged & ribboned

And this is the cake / cupcake tier :)

The wedding's colour theme is yellow & white. Thus the colour theme of the cake is linked back to this.
Did you notice the girl sugar cookies' dress colour?

Handmade love birds grace the top of the cake (a red velvet), with a top hat & a pretty veil ;)
I thought of putting flowers around them - but it takes away from its simplicity.. and so I left the bird couple on their own :)

love birds details

the cake!!!!

And before I left - I took a moment to take in the breathtaking view from the room. St Michael's Golf Club @ Little Bay is just beautiful!!!
Having the room to myself during set up means I can roam around and went snap snap snap ^__^

The view just opens up - as is it's never ending *taking it all in...

Congratulations Vera & Vincent!!!! thank you for the sweet text you sent me after :)
Have fun in your honeymoon!!!!!


chocolatesuze said...

woah those biscuits are so crazy hardcore! it must've taken you ages!

oni... said...

certainly did...thankfully they are cookies and the colours are limited :)
happy though with the end result