Monday, September 13, 2010

Monce from Love My Foods & Sugar

Monica (or as some of us call her... Monce -hehehe she's so going to kill me) from love my foods and sugar don't bake much these days...
Such a pity, I know....

She used to fatten me up when she's all into baking and cooking.
I used to be able to open her pantry and turn around with a handful of snacks..
These days... her pantry and fridge are a bit disappointing... :(

These days... she's all about eating out.
When most people can count the days they eat out in a month... she's the opposite, she can count the days she's eating in..

Not complaining though.. all the places she finds!!!!!!! (oh my wallet!!)
And when people asks me where to go.. i said.. jump online and go here. Normally they came out smiling and with a place for dinner, or lunch, or breakfast, or whatever meal of the day.

She hasn't been blogging for long ... but I tell you .. she's got a lot of post on back log ....
I did tell you she goes out A LOT right?

Anyway... she recently baked for our dear friend's baby shower .

She did a very cute brownie cone & a very very delish cheesecake sticks. This is rare.... so you definitely should see her posts :) and she shared recipes too for you to try :)

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Anonymous said...

ahahahahahaw..... interesting post!
-aileen yg malas log in-