Friday, September 10, 2010

Pink Tink cake for Amelia

I never really thought of making anything this girly.. i think this maybe as girly as i can get :P

This one was done on the 'go' ... I only know that I need to make Tink (yes.. that's Tink sitting up there... she's bit chubby yes... winter.. eat lots... :P ).
I've got the cakes covered in pink... then what....

Did a super quick sketch on the last minute before leaving the office for the day.. whilst wondering if this cake will make it in time.

Lucky to have friends that will stay up through the night whilst I sit up on the kitchen bench doing cakes all night. My blackberry was covered in sugar by the end of it :P

Took photos whilst making this cake - sending it through, asking for opinions. It became a cake in progress photo.. and i thought I'd shared it with you.
Mind you.. the quality aint that best.. not exactly going to stop every 5 minutes to take a decent photo. But here they are anyway..

So as I mentioned before.. I've got the cake covered in soft pink... but then what??

Images of the forest comes to mind.. but how ? Started kneading the fondant... chocolate i thought.. and so came the branches.. and more branches.. and more branches..

Random sizes I thought.. make it more interesting :) A bit of twirl and curl here and there to make give it texture.

Next came the green fondant. It's time to make leaves... This is easy I thought... one leaf, two leaves, three leaves, four leaves...... ....... ....... OMG SOOOO TEDIOUSSSSS hundreds and hundreds of leaves I need...

Suck it up... make more leaves!!!! Yes, I run a hard kitchen :P (sort of..)

A quick stretch to straighten one's back....... Thought flew to my comfy bed, a few steps away... and i thought.. NO!!! CAKE!!!

Branches done, leaves done... next.. little flowers?

What colour?

somehow, not quite right?

let's ignore the flowers for now shall we?

Next comes the top tier... It's suppose to be Tink's house.. does anyone knows what Tink's house look like?

Stared at the top tier for a while.. looks a bit big... don't you reckoned?
Whilst at the same time.. Mind's gone blank .. past midnight... on what Tink's house suppose to look like.

Can't have anymore tree in there.. will be too dark... and then we found this....
Isn't this pretty??? :D

all rounded and dreamy and sweet....
however there is NO way i'm making more leaves..... so here comes plan B.....

The top tier is carved down to a reasonable Tink sized home - "wooden" plank is applied, door and windows cut out and profiled.It's then plonked on top of the 2 tier - and grass made and put around it.

Tink and the roof came next.. Since we're not doing anymore leaves.. Flower petal might be suitable :) And after that is the face and a little finishing touches such as the birthday girl's name.

And there you go.. a Tink's cake.

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