Friday, July 30, 2010

bzzz bzzz beez

and now for the 2nd one for the weekend.

A friend is having a dinner for her birthday. She's cooking for us!!! (don't you love it when the Birthday Girl cooks for you?? :P)

So thought better not come empty handed. (^_^)

This was supposed to be a normal sized cake. But alas!! I haven't practiced this cake for a long time!! And after 2 failed attempts close at midnight and a bed calling.. I thought I better come up with a new plan of attack!!

And attack of the bees it became.
The flavour of the cake is the same (..... okay, similar idea)... And with time running ridiculously short, cute little bees, I decide, will do the job.
2 of our dinner companions who came to pick up one of the savoury dishes saw me mid-making the bees... "Why Bees??" ... "Because I said so..."

So bzzz bzzz beezzzzs they became.
I took along a green wrapping paper for the base of the beez cupcakes. Stopped bythe supermarket to get a bunch of Gerberas to scatter along, to make it sweet :)
lighting up the candles for the official birthday cake blowing :D

and... "fuhhhhhh"

undressing the beez

In the end, I'm glad in a way, that the 2 batches failed that night. Because I am definitely more satisfied with the look of these beezzzz :) Things happen for a reason I guess?

Lia, I hope you like them... Thank you for cooking for us. The food was GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!!!!! Why bees? i'm still not sure.. hee hee hee ... but i hope you like them anyway..

and many thanks to monica, for some of the photos :)

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