Sunday, May 3, 2009

cupcakes for a 21st birthday bash

This one's from yesterday actually. Wendy called to arrange for cupcakes for her daughter's 21st birthday. I thought this was sweet - and i found out that this is going to be a surprise birthday party for her daughter, i thought this is SUPER sweet of her!!! :)

So, there's just over 180 cupcakes on this one. I thought it'll be easier for everyone if they are set on site - and so that's what we decided to do. :)

There's 2 types of cupcakes for this one.
1. sinful dark chocolate - arranged in the shape of "21" - adorned with single pink fondant flower
2. vanilla cupcakes with oreo buttercream - in keeping to the pink and silver theme, i thought the oreo cupcakes will be most suitable. Scattered with small pink flower in a lighter tone - they allow the sinful ones to stand out.

Happy 21st Birthday!!!!
I'm sure the night was a blast!!!

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