Sunday, May 3, 2009

Panda twins

Oh hello... it's been a while hasn't it?
i know.. what a slacker you all must think. Things are a bit hectic in the land of mine these days. 9-5 (or 9 to whatever hour) job is taking over life at the moment.

And i eat sweet is taking a bit of a back seat the moment... :(

But when Kis & William's birthday roll along, there's definitely a time for a some baking. (^_-)

This is just a simple mudcake with thick dark chocolate ganache icing. Split the cake in half and put a thin layer of ganache in the middle as well. Bit of a chocolate overload - but if you're only having a slice, then rest asure, you're okay :)

Why the panda/ WWF u must think? That's definitely what Kis said when she saw the cake.
Well, it goes hand in hand with my present to them. A pair of panda t-shirts by booware :)

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