Sunday, October 12, 2008

mini croquembouche

An ex-collegue is getting married today. We had a small celebration @ her office just before she went on leave.

The office ordered some cakes for the small gathering, and I thought why not do a version of a mini croquembouche!!

I, however, forgot to take a picture of it when it was done. So below is one that I did for my sister's high school graduation.

The difference is, it's not as 'pink' but it has more of a creamy, chocolate undertones, with chocolate fondant flowers adorning the stacked profiteroles. It is also a slightly bigger version of the cake with almost twice the amount of profiteroles.

1 comment:

DuDz said...

Hmm.. Kurang ganas CroQuemBouche nya
Ayo Secepatnya Bikin yang Ganazzz

Terus Langsung Kirim Ke Rumah Wa.. ^o^