Saturday, October 11, 2008

an internet order

Ngel ordered these cupcakes via msn a couple of nights ago. It's for one of her close friend here in Sydney. (^_^)

"Not too sweet yah On, Jane doesn't like sweet" she kept pounding into my head. So Jane, I hope I got it right :)

It's 28 cupcakes for her 28th birthday, plus a mini cake for her to cut into to make the birthday official.

flavour selection: spanish orange with orange cream cheese, green tea cupcakes with azuki, strawberry swirl, pistachio rose with white chocolate buttercream & a mini chocolate cake with mint dark dark chocolate ganache.

Happy Birthday Jane!!

1 comment:

'ngel said...

thanks for the order 'ni!
im sure it tastes as good as its look ;)