Sunday, October 12, 2008

miss tang's double order

Betty used to have a tendency to write her order straight into my diary, and not tell me about it. Or... tell me months and months in advance while we were just chatting.. and remind me of her order just a day prior (*_*) Luckily, she's been much better these days (^_^)

For the past 2 weekends, she has had friends birthdays to celebrate, so she ordered some cakes/cupcakes.

Order numero uno's brief was : Chocolate Mint!!!! and i went.. (O_O) uh oh.... never done this one before, so i better start researching.

With Monica's suggestion, and a bit of tweaking, we end up with the Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate Cake (yes, three lots of chocolate in the name)
What makes it up?
1. a layered chocolate cake
2. a rich chocolate mascarpone filling
3. a mint chocolate truffle coat

A chocolate overload to finish off the night of celebration.

OK, so now to order number two.

This was meant to be picked up yesterday, but on Wednesday, she called late at night and goes "do you think I can pick the cupcakes up on Friday instead?"

Sure!! and Friday became triple friday :)

Betty wanted cupcakes for Kristy, and she was happy for me to choose the flavours for her. And we decided on 25 mini cupcakes, with Happy Birthday Kristy on it. And here we are, a simpler version of the 'flower garden' as Monica calls it.

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