Sunday, February 26, 2012

MAC BAKE UP (just a quick one)

Where has the month gone?? And where are the posts???!!!
I know I know...

Everytime I wrote up the bake up on facebook, I remembered that I still haven't written a post. hmmmmm *slap on the hand.

So, just a quick one, it's time for the MAC BAKE UP again, and here are the details :

February flavours are :
- mac & cheese
- blackberry shiraz
- hazelnut & gianduja
- dulce de leche
- tiramisu
- rose & raspberry
- french earl grey
- dark chocolate with sea salt sprinkling

Pre-orders closed on Monday, 27th February - 10am, and these babies will be ready on Wednesday 29th February from Pyrmont - just let me know what time you want to pick them up ;)

The macs are $25/dozen.. and are chanting "eat me.... eat me.... eat me......"


Anonymous said...

Where has the month gone? More like, where has the YEAR gone?! Am just shocked that 2012 is almost done & dusted...
These look so gorge :)

Saira said...

Mind Blowing.....
Finger licking one..