Thursday, September 15, 2011

September Macaron Bake Up!! *updated



Baking's all done. The macs are packed and ready to go to their new home. So if you've put in an order, time to come over and pick them up :)

A new inclusion in this month's bake up is the Chocolate Marshmallow Macarons.
The shells have a slight tinge of cocoa, and are then filled with homemade chocolate marshmallow with a chocolate ganache centre

I personally like them because they are chewy!! It's a different texture to what you would normally get with your macarons.

And lastly, I would like to thank you to all of you who has supported me and put in orders, month after month. The macaron bake up is quickly becoming one of my favourite time of the month!

See you on the next bake up, and once again, THANK YOU!!!!!



The time has gone so quick!! It's September Macarons Bake Up time again!

This month's flavours :
1. hazelnut macaron with nutella
2. raspberry white chocolate
3. chocolate marshmallow
4. blood orange
5. mac & cheese
6. klepon
7. dark chocolate chambord with raspberry jam centre
8. tiramisu

Let me know if you want a pack or two by 9am Wednesday 14th September
Pick up will be : Friday 16th September 2011

Price remains the same @ $22/dozen


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