Monday, July 8, 2013

Labels (and wine?)

How do I do this again?

It's been 17 months since my last post *gasp*...  Whilst I must admit I find myself struggling to motivate myself these days, I know these efforts are more than necessary. Not only for a number of obvious reasons, but most importantly to keep the brain working and to prepare myself for the not to distance future where I may not be the boss of my schedule anymore, no matter how organised I am.

These days I find myself reverting back to my old days where I start and end my days (in bed), with the tablet on my hand, browsing over various design blogs.  Things that excite me (but scares me enough to not want to attempt any major d.i.y just in case it turn out less than what it should be) and, I guess, has unconsciously led me to where and who I am today.

I dream of colours these days.  And I know each time a bright happy combination pops up, I am motivated more to be productive and creative. (bla bla bla.. yea yea yea... whatever... I can hear you say)

Anyways.... I have labels and packaging on my sketch book today.


This, and since we visited Dan Murphy's over the weekend to fill our new and empty shelves with some lovely bottles I want to hug forever (despite the fact that I can't actually have any of it), I ended up googling wine (labels) today.

I must admit I'm not much of a drinker.  An ability that has exponentially dwindles down with age.  I tend to buy wine based on what the 'guy-over-the-counter' suggested, and/or..... (most importantly) by what the label looks like.

eye catching "bottle wraps" perfect to bring over to dinner 
When the Mr & I moved to our new place, we found ourselves filling the space with neutral coloured furniture.  Now that it's been a couple of months and all of our 'big' items are in place, I find myself growing anxious of all the whites and longed for some colours (sorry honey I never told you this...)  So you'll find most of the pictures here to include colours.  Happy colours.

Lazarus Wine - 2 
The winery produce wine which are grown and cultivated by the blinds.
The braille label is only fitting

Some more pretty pictures to make you drool over, and not to bore you with my blabbing :)
 . dotty . 

some creative packaging
1. Winehouse "Wijnhuis"
2.  Cuatro Almas
3. Crusoe Treasure Wines

And something a little closer to home.

Mollydooker Wines

There are so much amazing labels and packaging out there.  So, go out, find out, and buy some.
If you're only a social drinker like me, appreciate the amazing effort that has gone not only into the wine, but also the graphic, labels and packaging.

And to close off this post.  A little video that brought tears to my eyes as I watched it (I blame the hormones)  -  something something for your house and your (may soon be) little babies of wonderful bottles...


p.s - so my first post back does not have any sweets or cakes involved, but this is part of my random brain works.  You just have to trust me that somehow these images of amazingly wonderful products motivates and inspires me.

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Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Love the braille label. It does make you stop and appreciate how life must be for others.