Sunday, August 14, 2011

RSPCA Cupcake Day 2011

Tomorrow, Monday 15th August 2011 is the annual RSPCA cupcake day.
For the past 3 years I've been doing some cupcakes for them via my sister who goes to Sydney Uni.

This is year is no different.

Sydney Uni Animal Welfare Society is selling cupcakes to raise money for this event.
(more info on their facebook 'event' page . )

And this year, these are the cupcakes I'm sending over to join the other cupcakes to find a new home/ tummy.

pockpock 'chickin' & max 'da dog'

mifty 'the kitty' & chike dee dee 'the chick'

'chike dee dee' & 'max the dog' are yummy peanut butter cupcakes whilst 'pock pock chickin' &
'mifty the kitty' are the very scrumptious nutella cupcakes. They are petite, adorable, and hard not to like (yes... i maybe a little biased). But most importantly, they are for a VERY GOOD cause.

So please adopt (buy/eat) them and help the uni raise some money for the RSPCA and all the good works they are doing.

And if you go to Sydney Uni, then you have NO EXCUSE not to help the cause. Here's the a link to event again just in case ;)

all packed and ready to meet their adopter tomorrow

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BeyondBourkeStreet said...

Oh wow, these are so cute! Love the chooks especially :D