Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sweet things for Rilakkuma

When I was growing up, I am "good friends" with all the hippest of characters.. hello kitty, little twin star, my melody, kerokeroppi, etc etc etc..

But recently when I was asked if I can make Rilakkuma... I said "who?".... I really need to catch up and update myself :P

Luckily, Alicia sends me photo of Rilakkuma, and from then on, Google was a great help!!

Rilakkuma likes eating sweets and cakes, so we surround Rilakkuma with all things she loves, as well as a stack of macarons along the side - this time, the macarons are real and not fondant

A colourful cake for the ever so cheerful Regina (from what I can see from Alicia's facebook... ) I think it might have rubbed off Alicia's happy personality :)


MelbaToast said...

Looks so cute and tasty! I'm in awe of your cake making!

Mel said...

such cute character!! i haven't heard of it before too! :P

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

What a gorgeous cake! I love the soft serve cones and the baby macs!

oni... said...

Mel - aww thanks!!! it's fun making it - makes it easier to do :)

Mel - i know!! too many characters these days - don't ask me about ones on tv - will give you blank look

Helen - thank you thank you!! i like making fun ones like this, especially since they're al sweets!! :P

PangTama said...

Wowww!!! your cakes are absolutely stunning!!
I always envy people who can make these beautiful cakes :D :D