Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day!!

So what are your plans for today? Heard the weather would be perfect for a visit to the beach. Or if that's not really your thing, a picnic or a bbq seems to be popular activities on Jan 26th.

If you need to make some sweets / dessert / snack, why don't you try this..

... macarons ... (hehehe... yes) - but don't fill it with your standard ganache or buttercream. Use Jellies!!!

The beauty of macarons and jellies are that they come in all different colours and flavours. And if what you want is not available, you can easily create what you're after in your own kitchen :)

Tell me the first flavour that comes into your mind...

In my case , whilst we're in the spirit of Australia, I got some green and gold macaron shells. You can either as per normal - or alternate the shells on each side.

You can get any jellies you want... You don't have to do anything fancy - there's enough celebration today, you don't need to spend hours doing this.. You need to go have fun!! I used Aeroplane Jelly for this. This time round - colours where chosen to represent the OZ, however the flavours happens to also be perfect in representing our Summer's beauty.

This one's Lime - imagine cool tangy lime on a hot summer's day.. hmmm yum!!!! :)
Lemon is good too.. (hmmm.. lemon lime bitters..... *oops.. sorry.. digresing...)

Set the jelly in a shallow tray - that way you will end up with the right filling thickness - just as you would with any other type of fillings. Experiment - try and freeze the jellies, and scrape it off as you would a granita ... and see what you come up with :)

Alternate the shells, play with the colours, the possibilities are endless - for any events of any colours and themes.

This is my first Jelly Macaron actually - it has a different texture to the standard macarons. The "crisp" & coolness of the jelly is a nice contrast to the shell - I like it :) Make sure you have it straight out from the fridge - it's better this way :)

And you know what else like about it? The jelly is jewel like... so pretty!! :)


eatmarvin said...

Hi Oni! Happy Australia Day! I hope you had a blast. I spent the day taking refuge in airconditioned shops. Wow... Green and Gold Jelly Macaroons! Perfect for a hot day. YUM!

yui said...

I always enjoy visitig here.

Melissa Wong said...

The first flavour for jelly that comes to my brain is something different:

sake and pear