Thursday, August 5, 2010

that 'mac&cheese' ... the cupcake version

hi guys,

looks like the "mac&cheese" is a big hit around the people that matters in my life (**ciehh...).
Whilst some people tends to seem to think that mac&cheese stands for "macaroni&cheese" it's actually "macaron&cheese" (^_-)

This is actually a simpler take on the type of cheesecake that we take for granted back home in Indonesia.

the sweetness of the cream cheese, goes hand in hand with the saltiness of the cheddar cheese. Those who never had cheddar cheese on desserts, always seem to take a step back, comments "its salty!!" but continues with "but it works??!!"

Yes it does work :)

Whoever invented this in the first place.. I bow to you...
I know I eat every last bit of the plate whenever Mum got some cheesecake @ home. Eaten at room temperature when it's soft and sweet, or straight out from the fridge with it's slightly hard, they're both just as good..

so here's some more...

they still don't have a name yet.... what do you think i should call them?
Leave a comment and let me know what you think??


globe trotting foodie said...

looks yummy, but not sure what you meant by macaroon and cheese... so it's macaroons and cheese on top?

btw, how come I never get this delivery?

Anonymous said...

cup'n'cheesee.......hahaha....cheesy cup.....

☺lani☺ said...

looks yum!

oni... said...

nik : hey i've put a link on the main body about the mac&cheese... you'll see it will make sense..

anon: hhehee yea might actually... it links them both up!

lani : thanks :) :) :) reminds me of home

Parisa said...

I just stumbled across your site and I have to say that those erhm...mac && cheese cupcakes look delicious. I probably wouldn't have ever thought of combo of cheese && macaroon. (=