Sunday, May 16, 2010


Irene approached me for her boyfriend's birthday cake sometime ago. The options scares me slightly. But I appreciate her trust, by putting her name down for the date anyway. ^___^ thanks Ai!!!
We met up at Ton Ton to go over the design about a week an a half before the due date, when a new option was presented. It excites me, this new option.... but one i know would take careful time management, especially with the other cakes already lined up for that week too.

Lucas loves his Street Fighter game. His buddies and him gathers for a game or so every weekend (is this right Ai?) . So... for his surprised birthday party, we thought a Street Fighter inspired cake would excite him.. as well as his Street Fighter buddies..

here we go....

Ai wanted a smaller cake amongst the cupcakes, one that Lucas can take back home to have with his family on his actual Birthday. And we thought that a mix of standard mini cupcakes as well as the standard sized, fondant covered, character cupcakes will do the job.

She also asked if I can make a Lucas figurine to sit on top of the cake - as one of the character. She asked if we can do Lucas as Ken, with spiky hair and a pair of glasses... Sure!! anything you want Ai!

So here's Lucas as Ken.. **and it's pecks.. not chest hair okay..

Horyuken!!! Bogem Bogem!!


chocolatesuze said...

hadouken! i always loved chun li!

oni... said...

hahaha, i can't remember you still remember "hadaoken!" hehehehe..

yes.. street fighter is good,...

i still can't figure out what buttons i'm suppose to press. Press randomly, if i win, i win!!