Thursday, May 13, 2010

Baby sleeping on a wicker basket

I first met Joey when I was still working shift on one of the coffee shops. She often came in for a coffee, and when the gang went out for a karaoke night out - she often joined us.

Who would have thought how fast time have past. She now have 2 kids.
*i'm feeling old

Her little boy Theo, was 1 month last week. Joey first asked if I can do a cake for Theo's 1 month dinner. She asked if I can do one cake with a baby sleeping on top like one I did yongs ago...

I said "of course!!"

But as the brain thought about it, I thought how nice it would be to have the baby sleeping on some sort of crib - especially when Joey can keep this figurine. So i decided to do some sort of wicker basket, on styrofoam base.

As I sat there on the kitchen bench, one very late Sunday night, weaving fondant to the styrofoam - i thought to myself - WHAT WAS I THINKING???!!!!! I now know to always think twice before deciding to weave fondant. It's bloody hard!!!

But if you persevere... it gives you result.
Baby Theo is sleeping soundly on a wicker basket bed. He has a teddy & cookie monster as company as he dreams of little duckies.

The cake is double stacked, dark chocolate mudcake - with cream cheese buttercream filling. It is then covered with baby blue fondant, adorned with simple white circles (meant to be clouds... yes.. not quite.. but i like it anyway..)

The letter blocks on top, just round up the overall look nicely :)

The cake is not perfect. Far from it... But I'm very happy with the overall look of the cake. Joey, i hope you and your family loves it as much as i do :)


☺lani☺ said...

It's beautiful!

oni... said...

thanks Lani :)

Kristin @ YHA said...

Oni..i loved it!! - Kristin