Monday, January 18, 2010

strawberry cheese-macs

i tend to get hungry a lot these days - not sure why - but sure it's not good for weighing time on the bathroom scale.

as i spend my sometime quiet, pointless night in front of the computer, i think what's in the fridge and what i could nibble on.

well tonight's my lucky night. Did a few batches of macarons yesterday. Hazelnut, greentea, and one that i created along the way (including those minutes taken, to stare deeply into the fridge, to see what's there that can be used) - STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE. While most of the macs are sitting in a box, ready to be taken away, 1 has been cast aside, because I haven't tasted it yet. And tonight just seems to be the perfect night.

so here you go, meet the STRAWBERRY CHEESE-MAC (fillings: strawberry cream cheese buttercream)

ready... set..

nom nom nom...

... gone.


Celestriel said...

Looks scrumptious, quite tantalizing.

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