Tuesday, January 12, 2010

i would like to introduce you to our latest family member

meet, mr franken-wonk.
he's special, there's only one of him... until i learn how to clone him some more

after layers and layers of sheet sponge cakes.... dr oni & dr monic frankenstein are proud to present you their latest creation

from this - true to frankenstein style - staples & tapes are required

and a quick view from the top,

to this -putting the skin on

to this

and then this

and finally... 'o hello..'
mr franken-wonk is really quite sweet and gentle despite his 'progress' appearance. He consist of layers of genoise sponge, white chocolate ganache, a single layer of raspberry butter cream, and a layer of vanilla buttercream to moisturise his skin.
The 2 doctors that created him also find that accessorising as very important these days, thus he have a crown of fresh raspberries and mint leaves

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Anonymous said...

still my fave