Friday, November 21, 2008

des "cupcakes" inspirés par la france

french inspired cupcakes

For a birthday in a french restaurant, for someone who just got back from France, K asked for a french themed cake. I gave it a thought, an opera? a mousse cake? Nah... what about cupcakes with french themed decoration?

So, these 20 cupcakes were decorated with a few 'french' things...
baguettes, croissants, macarons, the 'ispahan', fleur de lis, the lavenders of provence, the eiffel towers & of course, the french flag.

all of the decorations are hand made and the paintings, hand painted.

And in keeping with the theme, flavours of the cupcakes are:
  • caramel fleur de sel cupcakes
  • lavender & honey cupcakes

Bonne Anniversaire Camille!!!!!

1 comment:

'ngel said...

they're so GORGEOUS!!!
my favourite cupcake decoration by far! ;)