Friday, July 11, 2014


Babies.. adorable little things aren't they? ^_^

We've been doing quite a bit of little things to celebrate these little people..  Yes, true that most of them can't actually have the sweets just yet, but who says we can't have sweets in celebrating them, right?

First, let me start by showing what we did for our Little Miss when she came around to stay with us ;).

In our culture, we celebrated a baby's first month by giving out favours - usually some sort of food - to relatives and close friends.  It is also a time for the baby's announcement  (although I would assume most of the receiver already know of the baby's arrival?)

I knew what I wanted to do in terms of packaging her favours, but had problem deciding what I should fill it with.   I ended up doing  a few different types of goodies, so that not all bags are filled with the same items. Here are a couple pictures:

My talented sister in law did the icon for packaging which I print onto iron-on paper and transferred to the handmade pouch (these pouches takes soooooo long to make...  i started when she was still inside the belly and require less attention :P )    The graphic text at the back of the pouch I got off the internet but forgot where I got it from (if you know, please let me know and i'll credit it ) and the announcement card is from origrami

We also did a small cake for her to celebrate at home on the day with the fam bam.  I did the top tier in styrofoam, so we get to keep it as a little memento of her special day.  It's now still sitting on top of our bookcase.

And here are a few other 'baby celebration' goodies that we've done.

That's it for now folks! Have a productive weekend!!



Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Wow these are so adorable!

Carolyn Uzelac said...

Hi, I'm writing on behalf of CSR sugar. We just posted one of your cute baby cupcake images on our Facebook page (with a link to your blog) if you'd like to check it out! Keep baking! (And all the best with your little one.)
best regards,
Carolyn Uzelac
Marketing Manager, CSR / Sugar Australia

Grace Dwalibi said...
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Caroline said...

Wow, you are so talented, amazing!! ��