Monday, May 2, 2011

post holiday and a couple of pink cakes

Hi y'all!!! (LOL)
I'm back!!!

5 weeks went just like that *clicking fingers.. Though I must admit that all the food adventures started to get a bit too much and all the malls started to look just the same towards the end of the trip, I would not have cut it short for anything. If anything, give me an airplane ticket today and I'll jump back and go back right now.

But hey... one must work to earn one's next holiday right?

There were a couple of cakes last week that jump start me into cake mode. Funny they both are primarily pink - through request :)

I have a lot of backlogs of cakes that I wanted to share with you, but I thought I might share with you these two from last week first.

The first one is a cake for a friend's sister, organised through Facebook whilst I was still in optimum holiday mood, 7 hrs flight away. "Do you have enough time?" was the question, and I am convinced that it should be fine.

Jetlag did striked. But in "make it work" is the key(words)

The birthday girl likes Hamtaro & Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service , and we decided to base the cake on Regina's Rilakkuma cake that I did a few months ago.
Little changes here and there and here's the cake :)

sweets for Hamtaro and Jiji dangling down the side :P

And on Wednesday, came the question, can you do a cake for this Saturday? Said I'd look at it first and when a picture of how they envisioned the cake to be, I decided to take on the challenge :)

(Most) people would be watching the Royal Wedding on Friday 29/4 I'm sure. This household certainly does. And whilst we watch the guest lined up to fill the abbey and whilst we wait for the balcony scene, I was rolling fondant for this sweet cake for Navya's 1st birthday

It is quite a simple design, with a play of colours through the stripes. I must say that I am happy with the overall result. Simple, and sweet :)

Happy Birthday Navya!!

There is one other cake I did last week, but it has a different style altogether and thought I might share with you in another post. So hang around :)

Btw , it's Mother's Day this Sunday... I'm still contemplating (one of my many hobbies) on what to do. What do you reckon I should do?

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