Thursday, January 13, 2011

Estie & Mark's wedding cake

It is funny how you meet new people.

I met the bride, Estie through my friend Sisca. And another one of my friend, Ngel, just told me that she used to go to school with the groom, Mark. WHOA!!! what a small place the world is!!

Estie is just the sweetest person. She's really easy going, meeting up with her for the first time to discuss cake, is like we've known each other for a long time. We talked not only about cake, but about other things you wouldn't normally include in first time conversation.

We decided on a simple 3 tier cake, of Estie & Mark's favourite flavours - chocolate & mocha. A cascading set up of little flowers is inspired by Estie's wedding dress details as well as a refrained colour scheme for the day.

left: cake @ home ; right : cake @ the venue, little snail.
The florist sets the flowers on top afterwards.

Their wedding photos by Allan Hoang are very representative of Estie's personality, she looks so happy and relax, taking in and enjoying each part of her special day :) You can see her happiness in every single photo!!! **two thumbs up for Allan for capturing these!! :)

And I have to say the same about what professional photography does to your cake... hee hee hee.. Allan, thank you again!!!! :)

the cake complete with the fresh roses on the top

credit : Allan Hoang Photography -


chocolatesuze said...

that is one freaking beautiful cake dude!

oni... said...

thanks Suze :)

Melbourne Function Room said...

It is indeed a great cake.