Friday, November 5, 2010

"clustering" the cake pops

A long lollipop stick, isnt as readily available here, compared to the states.. Since the last 'cake pop' post, I've been thinking on ways to make the process easier.

The first batch of cake pops was on chupa chup stick. They might need a proper stand made up to hold it whilst the chocolate coating is drying. And its not as easy to pierce through that stick into anything...
So.. Skewers!! I like the medium length ones that i found in the asian supermarket here. They're cheap, and has a pointy end that you can easily pierce through to a styrofoam base to hold it until it set.

I had lots of leftovers "half a cake" .... so when friends and family were coming over for my birthday about a month ago,.. i thought.. why not!!

Made too much... as usual... but i did have a LOT of cake.
Originally going to line them up nicely.. but i ended up with a lot of bases.. so with the brother, we decided to squeeze them onto 1 big base.. and you know what.. it looks better.

Ate a few in the process... :P

The clustering works very well.... They look more interesting that when they are nicely lined up.

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