Saturday, October 23, 2010

3M - mimi, mazda & minions

so who hasn't been updating their blog lately? **raise my hands
i have no excuse except that "things have been absolutely hectic".... standard excuse, yes i know...but true... so let's not dwell on that.. I must say though, I had to go into the blog to see what i have posted and what i have not. *oops...

So here's one of a recent ones...

Mimi wanted to throw a surprise party for her friend. Florensia apparently luuuuuurves her mazda 2 and its plate so much, that Mimi thought it would be a good idea to give her a cake of her car.

Me, on the other hand, went ... "ummmmm...??"
You see.. electronics, cars (boys toys basically) always seem to be a problem for me. As well as characters... They never turned out quite right. Is it because we have a preconceived idea on what they look like? Thus became harder when judging these?

Anyways... after looooong thought, i thought "heck with it.. let's do it!". But I did warned her in the beginning that it's not going to look exactly like the real thing. (and Mimi thank you for the trust!! )

The car is bright GREEN!! And the plate is green as well (with what i thought to be a glow-in-the-dark capability... but apparently it's not.. *damp my fire).
I added a couple of other elements to the design to make it more playful and fun :) I suggested a group of martians from toy story to be included - staring into the plate number in amazement.

but Mimi said... "what about minions from Despicable Me? Flo loves them..." OK! sounds good to me :)

So here comes the minions.. they were done first... leave the scary car bit to the end ;)

minions partaee

The next morning, there's no denying the car. THE TIME HAS COME... and after a full day.. the minions moved from their black tray... to the cake board, taking their place in front of the car..

minions and mimi's friend, flo - peeking at each other

see the rego plate? :]

So there you go... I am conquering my fear of making cars... Still has some refinements to do of course, but we're definitely on our way :)

I also started doing mobile uploads to facebook to an album called "i eat sweet in progress" when I was making this cake. And it's quite an interesting process :) First, I uploaded the photos just for the sake of it, but comments starting to come in from my friends - it is very encouraging for me. So, THANK YOU!! Not only that, the comments also became quite an entertainment for me when i'm doing cakes in the middle of the night as the comments come through :)

At the moment, I'm still trying to figure out how you can post mobile uploads straight to "pages" rather than your personal profile. So "i eat sweet in progress" is still uploading to my page and not to i eat sweet. But have a look anyway.. and if and when I figure this one bit out of Facebook, will transfer to the correct page :)

My thanks to Mimi, for the challenge... :) and for the sweet email afterwards... it always makes me happy (and relieved) to hear that all went to plan :)



yui said...

Hi. I regularly visit your blog.
Your story makes me fun and I can't wait the next update!
I'll write soon.

chocolatesuze said...

bahahahah so many minions! awesome work dude!