Sunday, May 3, 2009

(sport) car

So when Danny contacted me to do cupcakes for her boyfriend, I thought "Sure!!!!" :) :) :) why not right? But when she mentioned sports car the thought went to "Aih....... uh oh....." :P

Not only that I've never done a car before, sports car is sleek and everyone has an image of a sports car in their head somewhere. And so... the thought of a sports car lover looking at a car that may not resemble a sports car - is a little scary.

But Danny is one of the nicest person I've ever spoken to. She's very generous with her kind words :) Giving me confidence - after showing her the trial of the cars.

We decided on a few cars to go on top of the cupcake set.
Silver lettering spelling out "Happy Birthday Alex" were set on top of the sinful chocolate cupcakes & mocha cupcakes. A few red sports car as well as one bright yellow sports car finished it off, along with scattered little stars in the same colours.

Hope they're happy with the final set :)

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