Tuesday, November 11, 2008

peek from last week

A few cupcakes order last week.. here's a peek..

Vibri's order for her flatmate Yenny...
21 cupcakes for her 21st Birthday. It's set on a little step stand to elevate the back rows :)

and in addition, she also order some extra nutella & caramel fleur de sel.

And this is Jane's order for her friend Claire and some more for her last day at work :)


And last but definitely not least..... Kim's order. Kim knows the cupcakes through her daughter Vanessa who happens to be my sister's friend in school. And since Cella sometimes bring some cupcakes when I overbake (or when I'm in a trial mood), i guess that's where it all started :)

So there's some oreo cupcakes & green tea macaron's for a birthday celebration!!

more later this week!!

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