Thursday, October 2, 2008

lots of mini cupcakes - Happy Birthday Katy!!! :)

This post is long overdue, the internet @ home has been super slow for the past couple of weeks. There are a few more orders waiting to be posted as well.

So we'll start with this one (^_^)

Katy contacted me via email, she's tasted the cupcakes through Jenita who's ordered cupcakes a while back (thanks Jen!! :) )

Katy said that it's tradition in her company for the birthday person to bring cakes to the office. And since her birthday falls on a Saturday, she ordered a selection of mini cupcakes for her colleague for Friday's morning tea.

Katy's selection from left to right: 1.sinful dark chocolate cupcake w/ whipped chocolate ganache; 2.pistachio rose cupcakes w/ white chocolate ganache; 3.nutella cupcakes; 4. caramel on vanilla; 5.strawberry swirl cupcakes; 6.almond greentea; 7.lemon poppyseed w/ lemon buttercream; 8.chocolate cupcakes w/ mint chocolate ganache

I love looking at the little cupcakes neatly lined up in their box, and come Friday morning, the cuppies & I went to meet Katy in the city :) She is sooooo sweet!!! I do hope they enjoy the cupcakes :)

Now, Katy was also having a birthday dinner with her friends on Saturday, so she also ordered another batch of cupcakes for the occasion.

the minis all boxed up ready to be picked up

Katy ordered a slightly different selection for Saturday and I am very glad she did :) try the different flavours!!! This time, she included the green tea cupcakes, chocolate hi-hat, sinful dark chocolate cupcakes with a sunken raspberry, red velvet & spanish orange cupcakes.

For me, you always need to have something 'to cut' on birthdays, so I bake her a mini red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting, simply decorated with pale pink fondant flowers. I hope she likes it :)

Unfortunately I was out when Katy came to pick up her cakes, but she left me a very sweet little message on a card. I was smiling as I read it, it's always good to be able to hear back from your customers, and when they have nice things to say, the smile only becomes wider & wider.

Well, Katy, hope you've had an AMAZING birthday!!! Thank you for letting me be a part of it :)


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