Saturday, September 6, 2008

hazelnut macarons w/ milk chocolate praline ganache

These little morsels are "nuttier" then their standard french (almond) macarons counterpart.

Powder fine hazelnut substitutes the almond in this recipe, giving them not only a different taste, but also a different look. With the golden brown speckle of the of the hazelnut taking centre stage in the overall look of the macarons shell.

The innards are soft & wonderful. A specially sourced praline paste is included to give a twist to the traditional chocolate ganache.

click below for more pictures of the hazelnut macarons:

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jaden12 said...

i love making macarons with hazelnut flour. its got a much nicer taste in my opinion. I just blend hazelnut praline in a food processer and mix it through the cooled ganache. mm mmm